*Spoiler Free* – Simon vs The Homosapien’s Agenda – LGBT YA BOOK REVIEW

For readers who love well rounded, slightly flawed, yet eccentric and quirky characters, this is the book for you! When the story ended it left me with that oddly, bitter- sweet, satisfying feeling (only veracious readers can relate to) of being torn between loving how it all wrapped up yet also wanting more, more, and more because the characters were just that real!

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I Can Stop School Shootings

Everyone right now is crying “Gun control!” – “Keep the children safe.” Let me make it clear this is not a post that is pro or anti gun control. I fully agree with the rally that we need to do something about this and keep our children safe.

However, I feel that our energies in focusing on ‘gun control’ and forcing Washington to do something, is like trying to give Tylenol to a cancer patient who has a headache. Sure it’s going to kill your pain for awhile, but will it really remove the cancer? Removing the cancer is how we need to stop these mass shootings.

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